Extensive, Semi & Intensive Systems

XF301 Sedum Standard Technical Documents - Click To Expand

Conventional Roofing Assembly (CRA)

DET_CRA XF301 Sedum Standard_dwg

DET_CRA XF301 Sedum Standard.pdf

Protected Membrane Roof Assembly (PMR)

DET_PMR XF301 Sedum Standard_dwg

DET_PMR XF301 Sedum Standard.pdf

Conventional Roofing Assembly (CRA)

Spec_CRA-077273 Vegetated Roofing XF301 Standard

Protected Membrane Roof Assembly (PMR)

Spec_PMR-075563 Vegetated Roofing XF301 Standard

NL_DS_XF301 Sedum blanket

NL_DS NL512 Retention Fleece

NL_DS_NL120 Root Barrier

NL_DS_NL200 Edging&Accessories


Specialized Stormwater Management Systems


Biodiversity & Unique Design


BioBerm™ Technical Documents - Click To Expand




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