• Intensive systems include Alpine Meadow, Alpine Meadow+ and Flora Garden.
  • Meet Toronto Green Starndard V4; WQ 1.1 1. Water Balance; W.Q. 1.3 2. Intensive Green Roof 3. Biodiverse Green Roof
  • Manages stormwater and promotes biodiversity, providing nourishing pollen and nectar, and nesting habitats.
  • Native and non-native grasses, sedges, shrubs, perennials, aromatic herbs, berries, vegetables planted in 140 mm or more of engineered growing medium.
  • Growing medium is a proprietary blend of mineral and organic components. Depth can be increased and customized as needed.
  • Stormwater retention can be increased with Needled Mineral Hydro Blanket or recycled polymeric water retention layers that can hold up to 60 percent of rainfall compared to traditional growing medium of the same thickness while remaining lighter.
Technical Documents
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