Next Level Stormwater Management offers a spectrum of quality, engineered green roof products.   Next Level Stormwater Management supplies pre-grown vegetated mats,  base layers and all the accessories to build a high performing green roof system. Next Level Stormwater Management focuses on meeting your budgetary and design goals and selecting the most suitable system for your building’s particular conditions – a flexible and customized solution.

Technical Advisor

Next Level Stormwater Management offers specialized expertise to property owners, designers, roofing professionals and industry partners. Services include: technical & design consulting for new construction and retrofit projects, estimating, construction documentation, specifications, bid package preparation, technical workshops, inspections, on-going maintenance support and joint-warranties with top roofing manufacturers.

Single Source Solution

Next Level Stormwater Management provides customers with the advantages of a ‘single source’ solution for a complete green roof system package. Providing a complete green roof system package helps control long term quality and performance. Each individual component is manufactured and tested to strict Xeroflor specifications in order to be part of our green roof system. Other, general-use components, although they appear similar, may prove unsuitable for harsh roof top environments. As an example, our XF112 root barrier is a 20 mm highly flexible, low density polyethylene membrane tested under strict FLL standards and proven to protect the roofing membrane. Equally important is a component’s compatibility with the other base layers. The ability of one component to perform can impact the performance of other components. To assure proper performance, the various Xeroflor components are tested as “a system”.

Certified Installer Training

Next Level Stormwater Management certifies and trains independent contractors to build beautiful and high performing green roofs. Many of our certified installers also provide on-going maintenance to ensure your green roof looks great and performs optimally, as designed.

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