Evolving to the Next Level


New name. New product lines.

Xeroflor® Canada evolved to an exciting new chapter as Next Level Stormwater Management™ (NLSM).

The name change reflects NLSM’s focus on delivering innovative rooftop stormwater solutions that are industry-leading in performance and engineering. In addition to our Xeroflor® XF301 pre-vegetated system, NLSM offers a range of products for stormwater retention and detention including pre-grown vegetated systems such as LiteN’Less™ and the StormCap™, each with their own unique features and superior stormwater retention. BioBerm™ custom feature integrates with all our pre-vegetated systems to increase biodiversity.

Canada’s Supplier of Xeroflor®, LiteN’Less™ and StormCap™

Green Roof Systems

Premium components are the foundation of all our systems.

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Technical Info

Tailored to meet local conditions and project requirements.

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Certified Installers

Certified professionals install and maintain your green roof.

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Recognized Industry Leader

We provide P.Eng stamped wind letters.

Tested to CAN/CSA A123.24: Key participant in developing the CSA wind uplift test standards for VRA’s.

Cradle to Cradle Certification: Recognized for superior technical quality and ecological compatibility.

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