Rooftop Stormwater Management Technologies for Climate Change Adaptions and Resilience

Construction Canada Feature Article by Sasha Aguilera and Dr. Karen Liu on Rooftop Stormwater Management Technologies Global warming increases the intensity and frequency of extreme weather events such as heatwaves,… read more →

Toward a Sustainable Future: Green Roofs and LEED Credits

Achieve Your LEED Goals with a Green Roof Healthy People in Healthy Places The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the world’s great need for safe and healthy spaces. For two years… read more →

Green Roof NutsN’Bolts Live Webinar Series

A-Z of Essential and Practical Green Roof Tips to Achieve Success Register Free   Continuing Education Learning Hours with Certificate of Completion 3 AIBC Core Learning Units 3 OAA Structured… read more →

FREE, LIVE GREEN ROOF WEBINARS – Stormwater Management and Wind Design

Continuing Education  AIBC Core Learning Units* OAA Structured Learning Hours* LACES, CSLA, OALA, BCSLA, AALA, APALA PDH Hours* * With a certificate of completion            … read more →

Sherway Gardens Green Roof is Among the Largest – A Case Study

This 9,500 m² green roof can absorb up to 340,000 litres per rainfall event, or equivalent of 2,500 bathtubs Download the PDF Case Study Sherway Gardens, Toronto, ON Stormwater Management,… read more →

Two Old Mill, An Award Winning Green Roof – Case Study

Condo Rooftop Transformed into Biodiverse Green Space Download the PDF Case Study Two Old Mill, Toronto, Ontario Varied Landscape Creates an Urban Habitat Green roofs provide an enjoyable green space for… read more →

Transforming Condo Rooftops into Green Oases 

Virtual tour of Toronto Sky Gardens and Urban Greenspaces The City of Toronto is a leader in the green roof movement with more area constructed per year than the rest of Canada… read more →

Conventional vs Protected Membrane Roofing Assemblies – Design Green Roofs With Confidence

  A Tale of Two Assemblies…CRA versus PMRA Conventional (CRA) and protected membrane roof assemblies (PMRA) are the most common low-slope commercial roofing systems in Canada. The key difference is the placement… read more →

Industry Experts Demystify Blue Green Roofs & Detention

Innovative method to mitigate urban flooding Blue-Green Infrastructure combines natural and semi-natural, or engineered features, to deliver a wide rand of ecosystem services.  Blue-Green Infrastructure is gaining popularity due to… read more →

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