Two Old Mill, An Award Winning Green Roof – Case Study

Condo Rooftop Transformed into Biodiverse Green Space Download the PDF Case Study Two Old Mill, Toronto, Ontario About Award of Excellence Varied Landscape Creates an Urban Habitat Green roofs provide an… read more →

Transforming Condo Rooftops into Green Oases 

Virtual tour of Toronto Sky Gardens and Urban Greenspaces The City of Toronto is a leader in the green roof movement with more area constructed per year than the rest of Canada… read more →

Conventional vs Protected Membrane Roofing Assemblies – Design Green Roofs With Confidence

  A Tale of Two Assemblies…CRA versus PMRA Conventional (CRA) and protected membrane roof assemblies (PMRA) are the most common low-slope commercial roofing systems in Canada. The key difference is the placement… read more →

Industry Experts Demystify Blue Green Roofs & Detention

Innovative method to mitigate urban flooding Blue-Green Infrastructure combines natural and semi-natural, or engineered features, to deliver a wide rand of ecosystem services.  Blue-Green Infrastructure is gaining popularity due to… read more →

The BioBerm™: A Better Way Towards Biodiverse Roofs

What is a BioBerm™ BioBerm™s are rounded mound of growing medium augmented on an otherwise level green roof. They offer a natural, seamless way to combine extensive and intensive systems… read more →

Green Roof Summer Maintenance Tips 

This blog is co-written by Cristina Senjug, Next Level’s communication manager along with Dr. Karen Liu, Next Level’s green roof specialist who was present when Cristina’s residential green roof was… read more →

City Leads Green Roof Movement

Toronto: A Pioneer and Leader  The City of Toronto is a pioneer and leader in green roof movement in Canada. It is the first city in North America to adopt a green… read more →

Green Roofs Celebrate International Rock Day!

  International Rock Day (July 13th) has been created to celebrate everything about rocks – their formation, diversity, roles in the environment and usages by mankind throughout history. Rocks come in many forms and shapes on green… read more →

Combat Heat Waves with Green Roofs

Historic Heat Waves  Communities across British Columbia, Canada experienced a historic heat wave last week. New daily high temperatures were recorded in every region with 60 heat records shattered across the province.… read more →

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