Tackling the Issue of Bird Building Collisions

Photo credit Tim O’Connell, Wilson Ornithological Society   Our feathered friends are flocking back into our cities.  Another sure sign of Spring!   Birds Canada estimates that over 600 species of birds, many of… read more →

Rooftop Stormwater Management Tech for Climate Change & Resilience – Construction Canada Article

Rooftop Stormwater Management Technologies for Climate Change Adaptions and Resilience Feature article by Sasha Aguilera and Dr. Karen Liu Global warming increases the intensity and frequency of extreme weather events… read more →

Construction Canada magazine cover with aerial view of luxury condo building's vegetated roof.

Wind Design Process for Green Roofs – Construction Canada Article

Wind Design Process for Modular Vegetated Roofing Systems by Karen Liu, PhD Next Level’s green roof specialist, Dr. Karen Liu, has the feature article in the January 2021 issue of… read more →

Stormwater Problem? New Technology Helps Mitigate Floods

Heavy Rain Hits Across Canada Two days of rain in Toronto in August 2018 caused great damage and more than $80 million in insurance claims.  Since 2017, Ottawa, Gatineau, and… read more →

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