Green Roof NutsN’Bolts Webinar Series

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The A-Z of Essential and Practical Tips to Achieve Success

This series navigates through the complete green roof process; from recognizing opportunities, to planning, material selection, system design, specifications and drawings, construction and maintenance.

Part 1 – Green Roofs: Opportunities & Planning

June 6, 2024  | Part 1 Completed

In the first instalment, participants learned how green roof technology can open new opportunities for various stakeholders and that a successful project requires a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach. We examined, the often overlooked, key design considerations necessary in the planning process to ensure each green roof project will receive a good start because “well begun is half done”.

Learning Objectives | At the end of this webinar, participants could:

1. Recognize the benefits of green roofs at the building and community levels.
2. Apply a multidisciplinary collaborative approach in designing a green roof.
3. Identify and analyze opportunities that could benefit from green roof technology.
4. Evaluate the key design considerations involved during the planning process of a green roof.

Part 2 – Green Roofs: Material Selection & Design Goals

June 13, 2024 Register Free

In the second instalment, participants get an overview of the North American green roof market. We explore individual components, learn about their functions and selection criterion, and how to combine them into engineered systems to achieve specific design goals. An emphasis is placed on the strongest driver behind the current green roof growth in North America, stormwater management.

Learning Objectives | At the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

1. Distinguish the various types of green roofs, their market share and cost positions.
2. Define typical components and their assembly placement based on functional criteria.
3. Select proper components to create green roof systems to achieve various design intents.
4. Incorporate retention and detention elements to elevate stormwater management capacity.

Part 3 – Green Roofs: Clarity in Construction Documents

June 20, 2024 Register Free

In the last instalment, participants learn how to communicate their green roof design goals clearly and effectively through construction documentation, including specifications and drawings. We also take a step-by-step look at a construction case study. Finally, we complete our journey by highlighting the green roof aftercare and maintenance necessary to ensure long-term success.

Learning Objectives | At the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

1. Create clear and effective construction documentation to communicate the requirements.
2. Recognize and avoid architectural and engineering design pitfalls that are often overlooked.
3. Understand the construction and installation process of a typical green roof.
4. Specify the maintenance program to ensure long-term success of the project.

Proof of Attendance will be issued after each presentation for:

  • AIBC Core Learning Unit (LU)
  • BCSLA Continuing Education (CE) Credit
  • EGBC Continuing Education (CE) Hour
  • PEO Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Credit
  • OAA Structured Learning ConEd Credit
  • OALA Continuing Education (CE) Credit

Recognized Continuing Education Provider

“Excellent.  Appreciated the amount of detail as it pertains to the various SWM calculations required.”  Mike Hall, P.Eng, Condeland Engineering

Great. Appreciated the time to answer all questions.” Carolina Daza Ortiz, P. Eng, Metrolinx

“Informative session.” Wadah Al-Yassiri, City of Windsor

“Very beneficial & informative hour.” Ali Al-Shalah, DS Consultants

“Really informative session.” Thiru Siva Thirupparan, M.Eng., P.Eng.

“Great information.” Ahmed Al Obaidy, P.Eng., Dora Engineering


Karen Liu, PhD, Green Roof Specialist and  Sasha Aguilera GRP, Design Ambassador.


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