Karen Ka Yan Liu

Green Roof Specialist

416.637.5772 x 9

Karen Ka Yan Liu, PhD

Dr. Karen Liu has been conducting green roof research since 2000. Before joining the private sector, Karen was a lead researcher of the green roof programs at the National Research Council and the British Columbia Institute of Technology. She led the research teams to instrument and monitor various green roofs in Ontario and British Columbia to evaluate their water balance and examine their potential in stormwater management. Karen was a key participant in the research consortium that developed the first national wind testing standard for vegetated roofing CSA A123.24. Additionally, Karen has vast practical experience having worked on hundreds of green roof projects across North America, Europe and Asia.  Over her career, Karen authored and contributed to dozens of academic and technical articles.  In 2015, she received the F. Ross Browne Award.

Karen Liu’s Academic Contributions

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