• Variety of native plantings in semi-intensive system combined with extensive sedum blanket

  • Loose-laid system consists of a mix of pre-grown sedum and drought resistant meadow plants rolled out on top of 15 cm of semi-intensive engineered growing medium.
  • Plants are grown on a “blanket” and harvested like sod. Come in rolls, easy to transport and install.
  • Provides instant green with a minimum of 85% foliar coverage upon installation. Helps reduce water evaporation, soil erosion and weed growth.
  • Design options include undulating roofscapes. Growing medium depth can be customized and increased where building allows.
  • Stormwater retention can be increased with Needled Mineral Hydro Blanket or recycled polymeric water retention layers to maximize water retention and minimize weight loads.
  • Frequency of maintenance, irrigation and management is generally more often than extensive, and less than intensive. 
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