• Water retention ranges from 29-67l/m2 depending on chosen system.
  • Excellent “water-retention-to-weight ratio”. Perfect solution for retrofits.
  • Components come in rolls. Easy to transport, install and maintain.
  • Plants are grown on a “mat” and harvested like sod. Easy to install and excellent cover.
  • Design options include undulating roofscapes by adding growing medium where building structure allows more load.
  • Retractable, if necessary, for easy roof access.
  • Plants may include a variety of sedum, mosses, allium, delosperma, herbs, wildflowers and grasses.
  • Pre-grown sedum mats have 8 to 10 species of sedum and a variety of mosses. Contact us for plant list.
  • Premium, high performing base layers.
  • Low maintenance.
Technical Documents
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