The Xeroflor® XF301 Sedum Standard is our original lightweight system, an older incarnation of the new updated soilless systems LiteN’Less II and LiteN’Less III.  Please contact Next Level Stormwater Management for technical info.


Increased Biodiversity with BioBerm™ and Custom Plants

Next Level Stormwater Management’s BioBerm™  offers a seamless integration of extensive and intensive green roof features: pre-grown sedum groundcover and a custom planting option. Varying depths of engineered growing medium create topographic variation and increased biodiversity. Flexible sedum mat drapes over the undulating roofscape helping reduce water evaporation, soil erosion and weed growth. Innovative for providing an enhanced aesthetic in a custom manner, over areas that are highly visible or that do not have strict weight restriction.

Unique Design & Logo Creation

Sloped, rounded, pyramid shaped – Next Level Stormwater Management’s systems easily adapt and conform to various roof designs. The sedum blanket and premium base layers are fully customizable and can be easily cut to fit any shape and design.

Increased Stormwater Retention

Option available for supremely effective stormwater management solutions without exerting excessive loading. The innovation is in efficient water retention layers which hold 60% more rainfall compared to typical growing medium of the same thickness while remaining 20% lighter in weight.


The roof membrane is located on top of the insulation and therefore subject to destructive elements such as ultraviolet degradation, thermal cycling, hailstone impact, and other environmental hazards. The vegetated system is loose-laid on a CRA which helps to protect and extend the lifespan of the roofing membrane.

CRA XF301 Standard_exploded


Insulation is located above the roofing membrane. A root barrier is installed in between the insulation and roofing membrane to promote open diffusion and ensure the top surface of the insulation has a ventilating air space. The roofing ballast above the insulation becomes part of the Extensive system and acts like the drainage layer. Contact us for other roofing assemblies.

PMR XF301 Standard_together


Next Level Stormwater Management provides a Survivability Report with details about the success of our projects to assist with permit processes, such as the City of Toronto permit application.   For more info or help with other municipalities, please contact us.


Tested to CAN/CSA A123.24

Next Level Stormwater Management was a key participant in developing the Canadian Standard Test Method for Wind Resistance of Modular Vegetated Roof Assembly – the first such test in the world. Contact us for more info.

Technical Document Downloads

Please email us for XF301 documentation.

Please email us for XF301 documentation.

Please call 416 637-5772 ext 4 or email us for XF301 documentation.

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