NLSM at Baka for Announcement on Green Economic Recovery

April 11, 2022 (Toronto) Under a canopy of solar panels that charge several electric vehicles – including a new Lucid Air –  Baka Communications President John Marion hosted Toronto Centre MP and Minister Marci Ien who spoke about Canada’s “green transition”.  NLSM was invited to Baka HQ to hear Minister Ien, MP Yvan Baker and MP Peter Fonseca talk about the 2022 Federal budget, “A plan to grow our economy and make life more affordable” and how it will help mitigate climate change.

Stimulating a Green Economic Recovery

“The time for maybes and mights is absolutely over. Climate change is the most pressing issue of our generation,” said Minister Ien. “Addressing climate change and growing our economy are not opposing forces—they go hand-in-hand to create good jobs while transitioning to a clean economy. This year’s Budget shows us that protecting the environment, supporting clean technology, and investing in zero-emission vehicles is not only the right thing to do but also a necessary step in building a greener future for everyone.”

Making Targeted Investments in Green Technology

“Climate change is the existential issue of our time,” said MP Yvan Baker. “Budget 2022 spells out exactly what our government intends to do to fight climate change, protect our environment, and make targeted investments in technology that will make our lands, lakes and oceans, and air cleaner,”  “Baka Mobile in Etobicoke is an excellent example of a company that is taking the right steps toward building a greener Canada,” said MP Baker.

Showing Leadership, Making a Difference

“It’s so important we all do all we can to show leadership, make a difference, to do it now.” MP Baker noted that Baka Communications is groundbreaking and innovative in adopting clean technology  and implementing green initiatives. Baka’s energy efficient HQ includes 20 electric company vehicles and a solar powered charging station.

Return on Doing Good (RDG)

Baka’s John Marion says his company’s focus on green initiatives is not driven by return on investment (ROI) instead “it’s more a return on doing good.”  In addition to a fleet of electric vehicles and green infrastructure plans for their new location, Baka has a bee initiative where they added several bee hives on their property contributing to Toronto’s urban beekeeping, protecting pollinators and decreasing the decline of bees. Everyone at today’s event received a jar of delicious Baka honey.  

As a green roof supplier, Next Level Stormwater Management supports Canada’s initiatives to fight climate change and is honoured to be invited and attend this important announcement.

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