Green Roof Irrigation

Summer is officially here!  While we are enjoying the sunshine, the plants in our gardens are also feeling the heat and getting thirsty. Same goes for the vegetation on our… read more →

Have We Reached The Turning Point? Watch Animated Video Short

‘The Turning Point’ Written, directed and animated by UK based illustrator and animator Steve Cutts, this video below explores the destruction of the environment, climate change and species extinction from different perspective.… read more →

Attend Panel Discussion: Demystifying Blue Green Roofs 

Join Dr. Karen Liu on Demystifying Blue Green Roofs: Benefits and Challenges to Innovate Water Management Rooftops are a hidden urban resource. They provide valuable real estate for deploying Low… read more →

Comparing Establishment Methods for Extensive Green Roofs 

Built-in-Place and Modular Vegetated Systems  Traditionally, vegetation has been established on roofs using plugs, cuttings or seeds. These are called built-in-place vegetated systems. The initial vegetation coverage typically ranges 5-15%… read more →

Green Roofs: Fresh from our Field to Your Roof

Celebrate World Green Roof Day Everyday Join the thousands around the world and add a green roof to your rooftop! Towns and cities globally are going green to adapt to climate change.… read more →

Celebrate Pollinators, Create Urban Green Corridors

Bees are critical to our Ecosystem In North America there are over 4,000 species of native bees.  Bees are critical to our entire ecosystem. They are extremely important to humans and… read more →

Aerial photo of green roofs on Mclouglin Point Water Treatment Plant

“Soilless” System with Bioberm™ graces Victoria’s McLoughlin Water Treatment Plant

CRD’s Largest Infrastructure Project Mclouglin Wastewater Treatment Plant boasts a 1700 sqm Green Roof AECOM and Graham Construction have successfully completed the first wastewater treatment plant in Victoria, British Columbia. The McLoughlin Point… read more →

Video: Learn about Vancouver’s Rain City Strategy

 Rain City Strategy Vancouver’s Rain City Strategy hopes to capture and treat 90% of Vancouver’s average annual rainfall by using green infrastructure tools, such as greenroofs.  The strategy includes design guidelines… read more →

It’s Earth Week – Let’s Take Action, Connect with Nature

Earth Week is about taking action for the planet.  April 22 is Earth Day. But, we can celebrate EVERY day!  All of us at Next Level Stormwater Management love greening… read more →

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