Updated Codes & Standards: CSA A123.24:21

CSA A123.24:21

Updated Standard test method for wind resistance of modular vegetated roof assembly

The second edition of CSA A123.24, Standard test method for wind resistance of vegetated roof assembly is now available. It supersedes the previous edition published in 2015.

Now includes built in place vegetated roof assembly (BVRA)

The previous edition was limited to modular vegetated roof assembly (MVRA). This edition introduces the specimen requirements, test methodology, and failure criteria for the built in place vegetated roof assembly (BVRA). This edition is also updated to align with the NBCC 2015’s load resistance factor design procedure.

This Standard is based on the ongoing research and testing that is being carried out at the National Research Council Canada (NRCC). This document provides requirements for wind resistance testing of vegetated roof assemblies.

This Standard has been developed in compliance with Standards Council of Canada requirements for National Standards of Canada.

Dr. Karen Liu looking at green roof layers NRC dynamic win

Dr. Karen Liu is Green Roof Specialist at Next Level Stormwater Management.

Dr. Karen Liu, CSA Committee Member

Next Level’s Dr. Karen Liu is a member of the CSA A123 Technical Committee on Bituminous Roofing Materials and has been actively involved in the development of CSA A123.24 standard test method for wind resistance of vegetated roof assembly. Karen has applied this knowledge to improve the wind performance of Next Level’s green roof systems


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