Dr. Karen Liu To Speak at 2021 Grey to Green Conference

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Designers, builders and owners have an unprecedented opportunity to shift investment to green infrastructure as we build back from the COVID-19 Pandemic. Grey to Green wants us to reimagine our communities as places where health and well being are at the forefront of design, planning and investment. Their goal is to help inform the current policy debate by making the case for a rapid and significant increase in green infrastructure investment in our COVID-19 recovery.

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Dr. Karen Liu looking at green roof layers NRC dynamic win

Dr. Karen Liu has been conducting green roof research since 2000. She will be among this year’s speakers at Grey to Green.

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Exciting Speakers

Dr. Karen Liu, Green Roof Specialist at Next Level Stormwater Management is among more than 30 speakers. Karen will bring her decades of expertise to discuss Demystifying the Blue Green Roofs: Benefits and Challenges to Innovate Water Management.

Karen will be joined by industry colleagues.  The hour will focus on the challenges and benefits of installing a Blue Green Roof, and other innovative means for stormwater management.

Designers, architects, engineers and interested attendees are invited to join this panel discussion, and to ask any questions or concerns they have regarding the installation, design, advantages and short-comings of blue-green technology.

This discussion will be moderated by Dr. Jennifer Bousselot, Ph.D., GRP, who is the Research Chair on the GRHC Board of Directors and is Assistant Professor of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at Colorado State University.

More than 2M SQFT supplied coast to coast

Next Level Stormwater Management  is Canada’s leading supplier of pre-vegetated roofs such as LiteN’Less™, Xeroflor® and StormCap™ systems. We customize to local requirements and offer warranty and maintenance support. Our team provides analytical support such as ​stormwater calculations specific to location ​and building/roof type. As a Purple-Roof partner, Next Level Stormwater Management has access to the latest green roof stormwater test data and related innovative hydrologic modeling tool. Email or call (416) 637-5772 Ext 1 for your next project.

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The image conveys this system is powered by the Purple-Roof concept.


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