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 Rain City Strategy

Broadway Tech Centre’s four buildings are covered with a total of 10,000 SQM of lightweight “soilless” vegetated roof systems and have a total storage capacity of approx 460,000 L, or more than 1,500 bathtubs of rainfal

Vancouver’s Rain City Strategy hopes to capture and treat 90% of Vancouver’s average annual rainfall by using green infrastructure tools, such as greenroofs.  The strategy includes design guidelines for public and private property are intended to improve water quality, resilience and a healthy urban ecosystem.

Vancouver Green Roof Policy in the Making

Vancouver Council has tasked the City staff to draft a green roof policy for Council to review as part of the Rain City Strategy.

Bringing Nature Back

Green infrastructure, such as green roofs, brings nature back to the city and helps with stormwater management.  They capture and clean rain water before returning it to our atmosphere and surrounding oceans and rivers.

Restoring the Hydrologic Cycle

In the natural environment, rain is absorbed and filtered by plants and soils. In cities, this natural water cycle is disrupted and rainwater flows across pavement and rooftops. This water picks up pollutants which end up in our waterways causing pollution.  As a result, water quality and wildlife suffers.


Learn How to Optimize SWM

Join Next Level’s free, live, educational webinar series. Vancouver-based green roof specialist Dr. Karen Liu is co-presenting the LACES-approved series (IPDH) that covers green roof fundamentals, optimizing stormwater management and designing for wind.



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