It’s Earth Week – Let’s Take Action, Connect with Nature

Earth Week is about taking action for the planet.  April 22 is Earth Day. But, we can celebrate EVERY day!  All of us at Next Level Stormwater Management love greening the planet, one greenroof at a time.

In addition to greenroofs, there are many additional ways to help care for our planet.




Love Mother Earth

Next Level Stormwater Management challenges you to get outside each day this week to look, listen and appreciate nature in your own backyard. Engage and stay connected with the sights and sounds of Mother Earth.

Let’s rekindle our love for Mother Earth.

Below are ways our team is celebrating the Earth!

Share your actions and habits to help protect and appreciate Planet Earth. Use social media to share and spread good news.



Sasha Aguilera: Green and solar roofed doll house

Sasha and her family love to play with this toy house that has a green roof and solar panels.

Educating the youngest among us is one great way to love the planet and its inhabitants.




Dr. Karen Liu: “My Leftover Garden”

Food waste is a major problem in Canada.  An average household throws away >100kg of avoidable food waste each year, the largest portion (42%) being fruits and vegetables. Karen planted grocery store bought basil that didn’t get used up to avoid food waste.

Karen says, “I put the extra basil in a glass of water on the windowsill.  They started to grow roots in 5-10 days, much like sedum!  I transferred them to pots.  Same for the green onions.”

“Here is my “leftover” vegetable garden, including some peas kept from last year’s harvest!”

Alena Dawson: “Leaving it better than you found it”

It was a nice warm weekend spent appreciating nature and a hike on a local trail for Alena and her fiancé.

“I took it all in, observing the spring flowers popping up through the leaves, the growing buds on the trees and listening to the birds and other wildlife rustling through the forest, ” says Alena.

“We try to have the mindset of ‘leaving it better than you found it’, so we always bring a garbage bag and on the way back we picked up some litter around the trail entrance.”


Celebrating a Plant-based Diet

Alena and her fiancé are also celebrating their 4th year of eating entirely plant-based! Congratulations!

Reducing meat intake is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint, save water and reduce deforestation. Learn more:


Cristina Senjug: Learning about native pollinators 

Getting outdoors whether hiking through woods or exploring nearby green spaces can offer many learning opportunities for children and adults alike.

As Cristina and her family spend more time hiking, they are also learning about nature. Watch this short video they put together of a nesting pollinator bee they found at an urban park in Toronto.

Learn more about these fascinating bees at High Park Nature Centre.

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