The Flora Garden (download brochure) transforms your rooftop into an urban oasis and ecological habitat with a magnificent garden in the sky. Plant your choice of native or non-native grasses, sedges, shrubs, perennials, aromatic herbs, berries, fruits and vegetables in 140 mm or more of intensive engineered growing medium.  Growing medium is a proprietary blend of mineral and organic components. Depth can be increased and customized as required. Indulge the gardener and create an urban rooftop habitat.
Product Code Product Name Metric Thickness (mm) Dry Wt. (kg/m2) Sat. Wt. (kg/m2) Water ret. (l/m2)
Plant Plugs varies 5.00 10.0 varies
NL718 Sedum Blanket 20.00 17.20 29.70 12.50
NL630 Growing Medium Intensive 140.00 121.24 197.54 76.30
NL400 Filter Fabric 0.55 0.10 0.40 0.30
NL310 Drainage Board 11.43 0.80 1.72 0.92
NL120 Root Barrier 0.50 0.46 0.46 0.00
Total 152.48 144.80 239.82 77.52

Increase Stormwater Retention

Stormwater retention can be increased with  Needled Mineral Hydro Blanket or recycled polymeric water retention layers that can hold up to 60 per cent more rainfall compared to traditional growing medium of the same thickness while remaining lighter.



The roof membrane is located on top of the insulation and therefore subject to destructive elements such as ultraviolet degradation, thermal cycling, hailstone impact, and other environmental hazards. The vegetated system is loose-laid on a CRA which helps to protect and extend the lifespan of the roofing membrane.


Insulation is located above the roofing membrane. A root barrier is installed in between the insulation and roofing membrane to promote open diffusion and ensure the top surface of the insulation has a ventilating air space. The roofing ballast above the insulation becomes part of the system and acts like the drainage layer. Contact us for other roofing assemblies.


Next Level Stormwater Management provides a Survivability Report with details about the success of our projects to assist with permit processes, such as the City of Toronto permit application.    For info or help with other municipalities, please contact us.

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