Your Rooftop Stormwater Management Solution at BUILDEX Vancouver Feb 12 & 13

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Learn about the latest innovation in stormwater management.

The StormCap™+Detention Green Roof System Powered by 

This year, at BUILDEX Vancouver, we are excited to share the latest in rooftop stormwater management solutions, the StormCap™+Detention  system. This newest innovation, along with our range of high performing vegetated roofs, will help transform your buildings into sustainable spaces of tomorrow.

Be sure to visit booth #648 and meet the newest member of our team, James Weldon.

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Learn how this Innovative Technology Mitigates Floods

StormCap™+Detention is an innovative rooftop stormwater detention tool that mimics watersheds and aquifers to help mitigate urban flooding.  Detention technology allows the green roof to face second day and extra-large storms.

Clear Return on Investment (ROI)

StormCap™+Detention provides a clear ROI by reducing or eliminating cisterns and bioretention facilities and freeing up valuable space for income-generating development. It even works on a low-sloped roof!

Read about the StormCap™+Detention

Featured in “Creating Friction in Green Roofs: Reinventing the Traditional Green Roof”.   Co-authored by Sasha Aguilera and Brad Garner, in a recent issue of Construction Canada.

Superior Components 

Enhanced by Knauf Insulation’s Urbanscape™

The engineered base layers include Urbanscape™’s needled mineral hydro blanket, made solely of virgin rock fibre by Knauf Insulation. This mineral wool has no binders and therefore has superior retention of 90% of water by volume and withstands freeze/thaw cycles.

Most of StormCap™+Detention’s base layers come in rolls that are easy to transport and install. It is a fully customizable system with biodiversity options. And, can be cut in any shape or size to create logos or icons on the roof!



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