StormCap™+Detention: How does it work?

StormCap™+Detention provides retention and detention.

Watch the video to see how StormCap™+Detention vegetated roof, a full-fledged stormwater tool, is ready to face second day and extra-large storms.

Superior Components

The engineered base layers include Urbanscape’s needled mineral hydro blanket, made solely of virgin rock fibre. This mineral wool has no binders and therefore has superior retention of 90% of water by volume and withstands freeze/thaw cycles.

A clear return on investment, it reduces or eliminates cisterns and bioretention facilities and frees up valuable space for income-generating development. Even works on a low-sloped roof!

Start your design

We will help you with stormwater calculations specific to your project. Contact us at or call 416.637.5772 Ext 1.

YouTube video


Next Level Stormwater Management  is a one-stop-shop supplying vegetated roof systems customized to local requirements, with warranty and maintenance support. Offer analytical support such as ​stormwater calculations specific to location ​and building/roof type.

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