Premium components are at the foundation of our high performing systems

Our product line includes high performing base layers, different types of engineered growing media and a variety of Canadian pre-grown mats. Different systems offer various levels of benefit including stormwater management, biodiversity, energy efficiency, extending life of roof membrane and aesthetics.


Next Level Stormwater Management is the exclusive supplier of Xeroflor across Canada

Extensive Vegetated Roofing


  • Lightweight. Perfect solution for retrofits.
  • Easy to install and excellent cover.
  • Retractable, if necessary, for easy roof access.
  • Plants may include a variety of sedum, mosses, allium, delosperma, herbs, wildflowers and grasses.
  • Pre-grown XF301 Sedum mats® have 8to 10 species of sedum and a variety of mosses. Click here for plant list.
  • Premium baselayers are high performing and fully customizable.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Good Value.
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Semi-Intensive Vegetated Roofing


  • Versatile. Custom planting options, patterning and layout typically grown in approximately 150mm engineered growing medium. Plant palette may include pre-grown sedum mats (as ground cover) and a variety of native plants, perennials, sedges, grasses, small shrubs and herbs.
  • Design options include undulating roofscapes. Pre-grown mats drape over varying depths of engineered growing medium. Excellent option for varying roof dead loads as it can be selectively placed where structure allows.
  • High water retention capacity; water retention layers used with engineered growing medium maximize stormwater retention and minimize weight loads.
  • Frequency of maintenance, irrigation and management is generally more often than extensive, and less than intensive.
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Intensive Vegetated Roofing


  • Great potential for design and biodiversity from home gardens to public parks, for play or quiet relaxation.
  • Maximum possibility of plant varieties include those listed in extensive and semi-intensive (above), as well as fruits and vegetables used in rooftop farming. Typically grown in greater than 200 mm of engineered growing medium.
  • Engineered growing medium is specially formulated to be rich in organic matter and nutrients.
  • Design considerations include considerably higher weight loads and easy rooftop accessibility.
  • Routine maintenance, irrigation and management required.
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