Rooftop Stormwater Management Tech for Climate Change & Resilience – Construction Canada Article

Rooftop Stormwater Management Technologies for Climate Change Adaptions and Resilience

Feature article by Sasha Aguilera and Dr. Karen Liu

Global warming increases the intensity and frequency of extreme weather events such as heatwaves, rainstorms and hurricanes. Last summer, China, India, Germany, Belgium and the United States have seen unprecedented rains and catastrophic floods that resulted in loss of life and widespread damage. More recently in Canada, a state of emergency was declared on both coasts due to record rains and floods.

In November 2021, a month’s worth of rain (up to 250 mm [9.8 in.]) fell in two days in British Columbia, causing landslides and floods that washed out roads, destroyed farms and livestock, and forced evacuation of thousands. In Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and southwestern Newfoundland, up to 266 mm (10.5 in.) of rain fell over two days. Torrential rains flooded homes, washed out roads, forced closures of schools and shut down businesses.

While floods are common in many parts of the world, climate change and rapid urbanization have exacerbated the problem.

Green infrastructure builds climate resilience

Continue to read about new flood maps that are available, efforts on climate action and how green infrastructure, including green roofs, blue roofs and blue-green roofs are being used to to manage stormwater and flooding of urban centres. Full Construction Canada article here.


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