Carports, Gazebos and Other Uninsulated Green Roofs

“Since the green roof is exposed to the cold from below as well as above, the cooling rate on the green roof is increased. Growing medium increases thermal mass and moderates heat flow to protect the roots from freezing too rapidly. Therefore, a green roof system that consists of native or adapted hardy plants that are rated one zone lower, so zone 5 instead of zone 6 for Toronto’s plant hardiness zone, planted in 100mm of growing medium.

I would recommend our low maintenance TerraEXT system with 100mm of growing medium, please see the attached details and product sheet. Let me know if you have any further questions.”

I also had a request from Brian Parker from the Glenn Group in NB.

“My question would be whether you have had any experience in installing a system on an unheated roof? I wonder if adding insulation in such a situation would even be useful in protecting plant material from ‘more’ freezing or if it would serve any purpose.” I provided him with a similar response as Gus over the phone and let him know insulation would not be necessary.


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