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Dr. Karen Liu, Green Roof Specialist, Next Level Stormwater Management

Wind Design Process for Modular Vegetated Roofing Systems by Karen Liu, PhD

Next Level’s green roof specialist, Dr. Karen Liu, has the feature article in the current issue of Construction Canada Magazine.

You can read the full article here: Wind Design Process for Modular Vegetated Roofing Systems.

CSA A123.24-15 Standard Test Method

The article examines the wind effects on modular vegetated roofing assemblies and explains how to use CSA A123.24-15 Standard Test Method for Wind Resistance of Modular Vegetated Roof Assembly to determine their resistance.

Vegetated Roof Assembly Wind Design Process: Three Simple Steps

The CSA A123.24-15 enables designers to determine if an assembly is secured against the wind uplift for a specific project by following three simple steps.  Read more about the wind design process the attached article.

Construction Canada magazine cover with aerial view of luxury condo building's vegetated roof.Selecting the appropriate vegetated roof for wind resistance

Like any building envelope components, vegetated roof assemblies must be designed properly to resist wind forces to ensure durability and public safety. Designers should follow best practices from existing guidelines. CSA A123.24-15 provides a means to determine the wind resistance of modular vegetated roof system. Engineers should ask green roof suppliers for wind resistances of their systems and follow the wind design process to select the appropriate assembly for their projects.

Online Learning Opportunity

Want to learn more about wind design?  Join Karen Liu for an online learning opportunity below. Click here to learn about other free LACES approved webinars.

Register: Jan 27, 2021  Wind Design for Modular Vegetated Roof Assemblies 

Learning Objectives

  1. Define modular vegetated roof assembly (MVRA)
  2. Understand wind effects on roofing and vegetated systems
  3. Recognize governing factors of wind resistance for MVRA
  4. Test for wind uplift and resistance and wind flow resistance
  5. Apply CSA A123.24 in wind design process for MVRA

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