Video explains innovation in rooftop stormwater detention

Innovations in Rooftop Stormwater Detention

Watch the video at link below to compare traditional green roof systems to the StormCap™+Detention that delays runoff and reduces peak runoff intensity.

Ready to face second day and extra-large storms

StormCap™+Detention, powered by the Purple Roof Concept and enhanced by Knauf Urbanscape® ‘s needled mineral wool, offers quick recharge hence facilitates repeat performance.

StormCap™+Detention: Delays and Reduces Peak Runoff Intensity

The StormCap™+Detention pre-vegetated system is an innovation resulting from decades of international experience and exhaustive green roof research.  StormCap™+Detention delays runoff and reduces peak runoff intensity thus complies with stormwater detention requirements for design storms.


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