The pre-grown Biodiversity Pocket™  is innovative for increasing biodiversity and providing an enhanced aesthetic in a custom manner. The BioDiversity Pocket™ provides topographic variety and microclimates, perching habitats and nesting opportunities.  Diversifies plant species in one simple step. It can adapt and conform to various roof designs and can be easily cut to fit any shape. The perfect solution for increasing biodiversity and providing habitat and food for pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

The BioPocket™ is a 30cm x 30 cm x 7.5 cm tray with two options: colour-blocked sedums-only or a combination of sedums and perennials.  The BioPocket™’s burst of colourful sedum, or grasses and perennials are seamlessly integrated in a traditional pre-vegetated sedum blanket system. The latter requires a deeper depth of growing medium.

Stormwater retention starts at 38 l/m2.

Saturated weight of a tray is approximately 10.4 kg.


Next Level Stormwater Management provides a Survivability Report with details about the success of our projects to assist with permit processes, such as the City of Toronto permit application.    For info or help with other municipalities, please contact us.


Tested to CAN/CSA A123.24

Next Level Stormwater Management was a key participant in developing the Canadian Standard Test Method for Wind Resistance of Modular Vegetated Roof Assembly – the first such test in the world. Contact us for more info.

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