Engineering Vegetated Roofing Systems to Optimize Stormwater Management 2.0, BC

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May 31, 2023

10 AM PT 


What Engineers Are Saying

“The presentation was great, very informative. Appreciated the time to answer all questions.” Carolina Daza Ortiz, P. Eng, Metrolinx

“Good informative session.” Wadah Al-Yassiri, City of Windsor

“Very beneficial & informative hour.” Ali Al-Shalah, DS Consultants

“Really informative session.” Thiru Siva Thirupparan, M.Eng., P.Eng.

“Great information.” Ahmed Al Obaidy, P.Eng., Dora Engineering


As Canadian cities are increasingly embracing nature-based solutions to manage stormwater, green infrastructure such as green roofs play an ever-important role in meeting water balance, quality and quantity control targets. Green infrastructure uses plant and soil systems to store, infiltrate and evapotranspirate rainwater as in a natural hydrological cycle. Many Canadian provinces, including BC, are moving from grey to green infrastructure. Because of the lack of space at grade, designers are looking up to the many unused rooftops for solution. Green roof is an effective source control tool with multiple co-benefits to offer. The plants and substrate absorb rainfall and reduce runoff volume. As water percolates through the substrate, peak flow is delayed and reduced. In this presentation, we will explain how green roofs contribute to volume reduction, as a Tier 1 method of capture per City of Vancouver’s Rainwater Management Plan. We will explore ways to enhance water retention on green roofs without incurring excessive loads on the buildings. In addition, we will describe how to design detention green roofs through modeling to meet release rate targets and demonstrate via a Vancouver case study the resulting cost savings and illustrate the importance of a multi-disciplinary design approach. Proof of Attendance will be issued for one hour CE/CPD hour.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  1. Examine why green roof is an effective source control tool with multiple co-benefits
  2. Understand how green roofs contribute to City of Vancouver’s Rainwater Management Plan
  3. Explore system designs that address runoff volume (retention) and release rate (detention)
  4. Recognize an integrated design process is key to success for rainwater management


Karen Liu, PhD Green Roof Specialist

Sasha Aguilera, GRP Design Ambassador




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