Sherway Gardens Green Roof is Among the Largest – A Case Study

This 9,500 m² green roof can absorb up to 340,000 litres per rainfall event, or equivalent of 2,500 bathtubs

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Stormwater Management, Aesthetics & More

The largest commercial green roof in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) was designed as part of Sherway Gardens’ Stormwater Management Program. It is one of the measures that helped Sherway earn BOMA Best Gold and LEED certification for its expansion.

Aesthetics, too, were a big selling point. Sherway’s roof is visible from the junction of the Gardiner Expressway, the QEW and Highway 427, and from nearby condominiums. The much needed green space in this industrial part of the GTA improves the view for commuters and residents alike.

Urban Habitat

The lightweight and soilless vegetated green roof by Next Level Stormwater Management was installed in 2013 and is a natural oasis for pollinators, and migratory and non-migratory birds alike.  Watch aerial video of Sherway and other GTA green roofs, here.

Enjoy more beautiful photos 

Sherway green roof in the spring. Photo

Sherway green roof in the summer. Photo

Sherway’s sedum green roof in Autumn. Photo







Sherway’s green roof in winter dormancy.

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More than 2M SQFT supplied coast to coast

Next Level Stormwater Management supplied the extensive green roof on Sherway Gardens Shopping Centre. Next Level is Canada’s leading supplier of pre-vegetated roofs such as LiteN’Less™, Xeroflor® and StormCap™ systems. We customize to local requirements and offer warranty and maintenance support. Our team provides analytical support such as ​stormwater calculations specific to location ​and building/roof type, the latest green roof stormwater data and related innovative hydrologic modeling tools.  Call us to help with your green roof project, contact James Weldon, Technical Sales Representative
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