LiteN’Less Blue Converts Almost Any Roof to a Stormwater Management Tool

Simple, Innovative & Effective

Layer of stone ballast sits on top of geo-composite of recyled fleece and texiles adhered to entangled mesh.

LiteN’Less Blue is a simple, innovative method to convert any roof into a stormwater management tool.

LiteN’Less™ Blue is a lightweight and highly absorbent system that greatly reduces site runoff, meets most municipalities’ requirements and provides an economical stormwater management option.

This innovative LID technology is ideal for new construction or retrofits whether installed on a conventional roofing assembly (CRA) or protected membrane roof assembly (PMR).

Versatile and Smart

LNL Blue Superior uses extra retention layers for maximum stormwater retention.

Blue Roof – As a stand-alone system, the LiteN’Less Blue is very effective at absorbing and delaying stormwater runoff.  Furthermore, it can be combined with additional retention layers for superior performance.  Each additional retention layer (see image right) captures 32 l/m2 (0.79 gal/ft2) of water during rainfall events greatly reducing site runoff.

  • No hydrostatic pressure on roof membrane
  • No exposed ponding water on the roof

Complements Other Sustainable Technologies

Blue-Green Roof

The LiteN’Less Blue component increases water storage capacity of any green roof, thus enhancing their stormwater management capabilities.  Reduces irrigation needs and provides uniform supply of water and water storage during hot, dry periods.

Blue-Green-Solar Roof

Cools down the photovoltaic (PV) panels, and increases PV efficiency.Aerial view of low rise residential home with solar photovoltaic panels and green roof.

Two solar photovoltaic panels combined with green roof on a residential home in the city.

The Passive Innovation

The Blue component consists of entangled polypropylene filaments thermally bonded to a non-woven water retention fleece made of 100% recycled mixed synthetic and natural fibers.  Lightweight and absorbent, it retains 32 mm (1.3”) of rainfall to meet most municipalities’ stormwater requirements, providing an economical stormwater management option. In Toronto, where 90% of rainfall events are less than 25mm, Blue is capable of handing more than 90% * of the city’s rain events, passively.

LEED Points, Other Features and Benefits

  • Superior water storage capacity – holds more than 14 times its own weight in water
  • Vapor permeable – suitable for conventional and protected membrane roofs (PMR)
  • High compressive strength to maintain good drainage under loads
  • 3D open core provides a high drainage rate with minimal resistance
  • Lightweight, flexible, easy and quick to install
  • Roll format allows easy removal and replacement for membrane access
  • 88% post industrial recycled content contributes towards LEED credits

Your Green Roof Supplier  /  Design Consultant / Maintenance Support

Next Level Stormwater Management prides itself in being a hassle-free, one-stop-shop supplying vegetated roof systems that can be customized to local requirements, with warranty and maintenance support. We also offer ​access to a variety of analytical support service​s such as ​stormwater calculations specific to location ​and building/roof type.

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*Subject to adequate drying time.