Honored by CSC ‘s “Article of the Year” Award

Designing extensive and semi-extensive vegetated roofs for long-term performance” was named “Article of the Year” at the Construction Specifications Canada National Conference in Kelowna, B.C., earning the 2017 F. Ross Browne Award. The article, co-authored along with Kees Govers, was written to encourage consultants and contractors to think about their designs and implementations related to vegetated roofs in such a way that systems can perform as long as the building is in use.

The article is a review of:Designing for long term performance pg 1

  • Budgeting and design
  • Water and irrigation
  • Wind uplift and high rises
  • Designing for special problem areas, such as vents, dead air spaces and reflected light
  • Sun and shade tolerances
  • Vegetated roof system details
  • Quality in the bidding and awarding of projects
  • Installation and care during construction
  • Vegetation and overburden warranties
  • Post Installation Maintenance training
  • Monitoring long term maintenance

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