Bringing Fall Colours to the Rooftop

Beautiful fall photos:

Sherway’s green roof

These were taken on this wintery, autumn November day.  As dormancy sets in, vegetated roofs lose their flowers and change colour, creating a beautiful landscape of reds, browns, and deep purples.

Winter Dormancy

During winter dormancy, coniferous sedum plants retreat to form a dense mat of glossy and fleshy leaves, while the leaves of deciduous sedum species completely fall off.

Sherway Gardens’ green roof is a thin layered, soilless extensive system that was installed in 2013.

It covers 9500 square metres or 102,000 square feet making it one of Canada’s largest.

Install in Late Fall for a Green, Spring Roof

Green roof installations can continue into late fall, before the mats freeze to the ground in the field.

Our design team is happy to discuss what system will work the best in your climate and achieve your building’s goals.




How do green roofs do in cold climates?

As many wonder what happens to green roofs over winter, we wrote a technical article,  Designing vegetated roofs to survive winter, that focuses on the best autumn and winter practices for extensive vegetated roofs.

Winter Performance, Survivability and Repair

Proper design, installation and maintenance ensures a green roof’s longevity. However, if there is evidence of damage in the following spring, you can read about the basic repair you can do to help with a quick recovery.

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